Patient Specific Solutions Made Accessible with 3D Technology.

Impacting lives everyday with customised medical solutions

Imaginarium Healthcare brings the best of 3D technologies such as 3D printing, scanning and simulation, allowing medical practitioners to customise treatment for each patient.

These technologies bring precision and accuracy that lead to innovative treatments which are reliable and executed to the most minute detail. 

Our Process Flow


Data acquisition through conventional CT, MRI or Ultrasound scans in DICOM format.

Upload Scan Data

Securely upload DICOM data as individual files or complete folders.

3D Modelling (Segmentation)

Convert 2D stacked DICOM data into 3D virtual models for better visualization of the anatomy.

Virtual  Surgery Planning

Use digital models to thoroughly plan  before the surgery.

Patient-Specific solution

Based on analysis of the 3D model, design an implant or surgical guide.

3D Printing

A 3D printed anatomical model can be manufactured to understand the extent of the anomaly.

Solutions & Services

We offer solutions specifically tailored to each patient based on the clinical requirement. Our team of biomedical engineers and designers works closely with doctors to ensure precise and accurate solutions with utmost patient satisfaction.

Anatomical Models

Case specific anatomical models facilitate easier decision making prior to complex surgeries and patient education. Training and simulation models for students also add a new dimension to medical education.

Virtual Surgery Planning and Surgical Guides

Virtual surgical planning ensures there are no surprises during the surgery and offers an accurate 3D simulation of the correction prior to the surgery. It enables surgeons to attempt multiple strategies digitally and choose the best outcome. Patient specific surgical guides for corrective osteotomies and bone resections enable accurate clinical results, reducing the errors, complications and surgery times.

Patient Specific Implants

A custom made solution perfectly crafted to match the natural contours of the human anatomies. Patient specific implants provide solutions for replacing the damaged hard tissues by enabling better bone integration and fit over traditionally prefabricated implants by leveraging 3D Printing and Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM).

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Lightweight, customized orthotics for better fit, comfort and outcomes. The orthotics can be customized to the likings and personalities of the users. 3D Printed prosthetics also provide a customized alternative to the patient with a perfect fit and affordability.

3D Printing at Point of Care

Hospitals, diagnostic centres and O&P Clinics provide an ideal clinical setting for patient specific care. Plug and play solutions using 3D Printers, scanners and AM Softwares on-site, customized patient care becomes faster, affordable and on-demand.

Learn more about how Imaginarium helped restore Darshana's damaged skull using 3D Printing Technology



It’s been a pleasure to work with Imaginarium team for India’s first digital fracture cast! The product was well relieved at the AUIN conference. Amazing work and look forward to work with you again.



We are very thankful to Imaginarium for their support. I strongly believe 3D printing is revolutionizing and is going to have a great deal of impact on Medical and Healthcare industry.

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