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S20+ is Perfect For

15+ years of experience in 3D Printing:

Being an industry leader, as per your need we can help you choose the right printer or material. As we are Formlabs users, we understand its eco-system well, our expert will be available for technical assistance post sales.

40+  industries served:

We provide prototypes and complete services to an assortment of industries from jewelry, engineering, automotive, architecture, consumer goods, medical devices and healthcare, etc.

Post sales service:

Our engineers, printer support specialists, breakdown support specialists, and maintenance experts work round the clock and are available to help if you hit a roadblock.

End-to-End solutions:

We offer complete solutions; from software, printers, material, post processing, to human expertise and technical support, we’re your partners in bringing your products to life.

Easy and Flexible Handling of Your 3D Printer

Small Details, Big Results

At the touch of a button to the perfect 3d printed jewellery. The easy use of our printer allows you an optimal integration into your workflow. Thanks to our patented technology, the result is not only precise, but also super fast. The final product is accurate with an outstanding surface smoothness for your jewellery prints.

Castable 3D Parts

The Large Format medical 3D Printer for Human-Scale Models.

With the know-how of Schultheiss GmbH on our side, we know what is important when creating jewellery: The material produces castable parts with excellent surfaces that can be used like wax models. Thus, the direct-casting materials are easy and flexible to use.

DLP- white paper

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Highly precise – again and again

By choosing the right castable material, filigree structures, precisely fitting frames or very smooth surfaces can be produced. The S+ series supports jewellery designers, jewellers and jewellery manufacturers. Best of all, our 3D printer and material have been tested and validated several times, so you can always rely on the perfect result even when printing repeatedly.

Justen England

Managing Director, Design Concepts Boston

"The improvements to the light-touch supports that break away are game-changing. There is no way to describe the first time you take apart and pull at it and it just seamlessly pops completely free. It takes the stress out of building and cleaning parts and lets us keep our focus on design and creation"

Sean Buxton

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Ximedica

"One of the most exciting things about the Form 3 is where the low force print process brings us in terms of print quality and finishing. We’re excited about how we can push the limits of, particularly really tiny features. I am amazed at the small details that show up in models. It's really impressive."

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