The first smart kitchen appliance that speeds up the process of making food with fresh ingredients: all via a next generation 3D food printer and IoT kitchen appliance.

3D printed chocolate dessert
3D printed food with foodini
3D printed food with foodini
Beautiful looking 3D printed food

The Foodini Formula

Foodini is your next-generation kitchen appliance combining technology, food, art and design to help people eat healthier. You can use real, fresh ingredients to make freshly printed meals and snacks at a time. Foodini is an automation kitchen appliance for chefs, hotels, culinary schools, restaurants, labs and food brands.

The premise of all 3D printers is that you become the manufacturer, you are the maker. The same concept applies with Foodini: you become the creator and you control what ingredients go into your foods.

It is an ideal 3D Printer that allows you to present the food the way you want it delivered, perfectly and precisely always

Easy to Use 3D Food Printer

Foodini augments and elevates the capabilities of your kitchen right from the centrepiece, the side dish and even the garnish.

Step 1
Step 1 

Prepare the filling using fresh ingredients for your dish.

Step 2
Step 2

Fill the capsule with the prepared filling.

Easy to Use 3D Food Printer
Step 3

Print the creation and enjoy your meal. 

Foodini Materials Specifications - Food-Safe, Food Grade

Foodini Creator


Foodini Creator is our easy-to-use print application which comes pre-loaded on Foodini. Use the shape libraries to start designs and recipes, or create them from scratch with Foodini Creator tools.

Stainless Steel Capsules


All of our capsules are made from 18/8 stainless steel, also known as 304, which is the best food-grade stainless steel.

Interface 7 inch Touchscreen


The Foodini has a built in touchscreen system. Easy to navigate around menus, create designs and print your creations.

Capsule Presses & Other Plastic Parts


Any plastic parts used in Foodini are made of PolyCarbonate or PolyPropylene, both of which are food-grade and BPA-free

Silicone Rings & Matts


Made of silicone platinum, the highest quality of food-grade and food-safe silicone.

The Future Kitchen


Internet of Things product with all future technology and features built in.

Foodini Materials Specifications - Food-Safe, Food Grade

Professional Kitchens & Restaurants

Take customer experience beyond expectations and create a new sense of belonging with the Foodini 3D Printer. Create wow factors like fascinating food designs, presenting food in extraordinary ways and customizing dishes.

Food Manufacturers & Brands

Foodini is your mini-food manufacturing facility located right in the kitchen. It presents an optimized & sustainable way of providing customized food. This enables creating a direct relationship with customers. Foodini paves the way to delivering personalized products to mass markets

Hospitals & Health Organizations

Many patients suffering from dysphagia or other conditions need consistency-modified diets that might not always be visually appealing. Foodini 3D Printer can improve patients' food intake. With Foodini, one can even track individual nutrients in food

Culinary Schools

Foodini 3D food printer allows students to engage and learn in a fun and interactive way. It is an evolution in the culinary process. Additionally, Foodini can also be used by many research and development companies looking forward to advancing in food and food production

Why Foodini Is the Perfect Kitchen Asset You Need?

  • Allows Easy Cleaning & Deep Sanitizing

  • Simple Operation

  • Intelligent Connectivity through WiFi

  • Creative Tools to Create Designs

  • Multiple Nozzles for Fine to Course Material Extrusion

  • Beautiful Looks

  • Dedicated Support Teams

  • ISO 9001 Certified

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