Arcam EBM

EBM machines from Arcam EBM create dimensionally accurate parts quickly and efficiently by utilizing a high-power electron beam for high melting capacity and productivity. The Arcam EBM process takes place in vacuum and at high temperature, resulting in stress-relieved components with material properties better than cast and comparable to wrought material.

Overview of Technical Specification 

High power (3kW to 6kW)

• Allows for high melting capacity
• High productivity

No moving parts in the EB-gun

• Extremely fast and accurate beam control
• Power and focus continuously varied
• Enables EBM MultiBeam™

Vacuum process

• Clean and controlled environment
• Allows processing reactive materials

Hot Process (exceeding 1000°C)

• No residual stresses
• No heat treatment
• Faster melting


• Full build volume utilization;
• Greater freedom in positioning of parts in build tank

Arcam EBM machines


Designed for orthopaedic
implant manufacturing


Designed for the production of aerospace components


Designed for aerospace
production and materials

Spectra L

Ideal for mass production

Spectra H

Designed for large build volume for high-heat, crack prone materials

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