December 6

Imaginarium joins GE Additive Sales Partner Network


GE Additive has selected Imaginarium to join its global sales partner network as an official sales partner in India. Imaginarium will resell GE Additive’s portfolio of metal additive manufacturing machines and metal powders including, Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technologies. The products are aimed at manufacturers across a range of industries, including aerospace and defence, medical and dental, automotive, tool & die and jewellery. 

To increase the accessibility of GE Additive’s metal additive manufacturing technology, Imaginarium will engage with potential customers to demonstrate the different applications in industry-grade prototyping and production. This will help to educate and build awareness and prospective companies’ confidence to apply additive manufacturing across their business. GE Additive will leverage Imaginarium’s network in the Indian market to drive the adoption of its state-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing machines. 

Some of the key benefits of metal-based additive manufacturing technology from GE Additive include: 

  • Aerospace & Defence: Complex geometries, reduced lead times and faster part qualification 
  • Dental: On-demand manufacturing of crowns, bridges 
  • Medical: Customised implants and optimised supply chain 
  • Jewellery: Manufacturing unrealised designs 
  • Automotive: Quick prototypes, low-volume production 
  • Tool & Die Industry: Conformal cooling channels

Czek Haan Tan, General Manager – Sales & Services APAC, GE Additive said, “Companies across India are starting to make good progress in their adoption of Industry 4.0, and with that comes increased interest in additive technologies, including metal 3D printing. We look forward to working with Imaginarium to demonstrate the benefits and disruptive potential that additive offers to Indian companies both large and small.” 

GE Additive’s range of metal 3D printers offers a range of build sizes, including large-format machines such as the X Line 2000R, which is particularly well-suited to printing parts, components and systems for the space industry. For more than a decade, GE Aviation has been using metal 3D printing to additively manufacture functional parts at scale for commercial and military aircraft engines. 

Kamlesh Parekh, CEO, Imaginarium India Pvt. Ltd, said, “With the increasing focus on India as a potential manufacturing hub for the world, it is important for the sector to have access to advanced and latest technologies of design, prototyping and production. The Government of India’s upcoming policy for promoting additive manufacturing on an industrial scale will provide a massive boost to the uptake of this technology.

Metal additive manufacturing technology has the potential to disrupt the industry by catalysing innovation and enabling the production of indigenous, made-in-India, made-for-the-world products. We, at Imaginarium, are excited to work closely with the GE Additive and bring this technology to the manufacturing sector of India and enable it to become truly Atmanirbhar (self-reliant).”

With over a decade of experience in 3D printing, Imaginarium is disrupting the manufacturing sector by enabling enterprises to prototype faster, design better and realize products in shorter periods. As a leader in 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technology, the company houses the largest and most advanced set up of industrial 3D printers in the country.

About Imaginarium

Imaginarium is India's leading Rapid Manufacturing & Engineering Solution Provider. Headquartered in Mumbai, India - Imaginarium’s 300-strong team has over a decade of experience in helping companies around the world apply cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies like 3D printing to bring their ideas to life, speed up new product development and radically improve production.

The organisation has in-house experts and partners across industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Jewellery and more. Known for its technical prowess, quality and service excellence, Imaginarium represents the new generation of Indian manufacturing on the global stage.

About GE Additive

GE Additive – part of GE (NYSE: GE) is a world leader in additive design and manufacturing, a pioneering process that has the power and potential to transform businesses. Through our integrated offering of additive experts, advanced machines and quality materials, we empower our customers to build innovative new products. Products that solve manufacturing challenges, improve business outcomes and help change the world for the better. GE Additive includes additive machine providers Concept Laser and Arcam EBM; along with additive material provider AP&C.

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