Maximize Machine Utilization & Throughput

Utilise efficient build preparation capabilities alongside tools that optimize your additive manufacturing designs, simulates metal additive processes, and planning for CNC post-processing.

What is Netfabb?

Autodesk's Netfabb offers a complete toolset that streamlines workflows and reduces build errors.
This expert data preparation package is a comprehensive toolkit for additive manufacturing processes, right from CAD imports (SLC to STL) to planning your CAM build. Netfabb amalgamates design enhancement, file fixing, triangle reduction, smoothing, support generation, slicing and XY packing in one integrated software environment.

  • Maximize the number of parts you can fit into each build.
  • Work with customized supports, mesh repair, and improved workflows to optimize your production process.
  • Get more from your part build, no matter what machine is used.
  • Shorten production times and reduce manufacturing costs.


Fast & accurate build simulations
Import CAD formats to STL
Powerful data preparation tools
Topology optimization
Support generation
2D 3D Platform packing

Works with models from a variety of CAD import formats 

Quick quotes on jobs and build reports

Maximize the number of parts on each build 

Reduces time spent on data preparation for AM

Seamless STL file fixing

Optimizing 3D Printing processes to improve efficiency


A multitasking software that reduces the amount of time and maximises build preparation, allowing you the benefits of multiple software in one.

10 reasons to choose Netfabb

  • End to end tools to get from 3D model to successfully printed parts.
  • Fast file handling with direct CAD import and conversion capabilities.
  • Automatically repairs STL
  • Editing tools designed to ensure models are suitable for printing
  • Create slice files and send finished models directly to the machine.
  • Direct machine interfaces help you get the most out of your hardware.
  • Supports all 3D printer models and processes.
  • Finally Netfabb Standard is at an affordable cost, about 40 rs per day (15,000 INR.)
  • Create build supports for SLA, DLP, FDM, SLM processes.

Which Netfabb Product is right for you?

Netfabb Ultimate

Identify and minimize build failures using limited local simulation capabilities, draft custom toolpath strategies, and automate common print preparation tasks.

Netfabb Premium

Optimize designs using latticing tools, build supports, and automatic part packing.

Netfabb Simulation

Simulate metal powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition additive processes.

Reasons for Build Failure

Predict the thermo-mechanical response of additive parts during the metal powder bed fusion through local simulations of part-level powder bed processes

Support Failure


Recoater Interferance

Learn about the differences between different Additive Manufacturing solutions


  • Advanced build supports
  • Automatic packing (3D)
  • Generate complex lattice structures
  • Prepare parts for post processing
  • Includes a subscription for Fusion 360 with generative design technology


  • Automation with Lua scripting
  • Advanced toolpathing
  • Lattice optimization
  • Simulation Ultility LT
  • Includes a subscription for Fusion 360 with generative design technology


  • Simulate metal powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition additive processes
  • Detect Recoater Interference
  • Avoid Support Failure

Dan Ko

Strategic Initiatives Lead | Shapeways

“If we didn’t have Netfabb to automate a large portion of the file preparation process, each build would be substantially more time consuming and labor intensive.”

Sean Buxton

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Ximedica

"One of the most exciting things about the Form 3 is where the low force print process brings us in terms of print quality and finishing. We’re excited about how we can push the limits of, particularly really tiny features. I am amazed at the small details that show up in models. It's really impressive."

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