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Model Resin 1 L

Model Resin is a high-precision, high-accuracy resin with a smooth matte surface finish that’s perfect for both dental and general model making. Model Resin is an advanced dental modelling material that offers great detail, smooth surface finish, & neutral base tone. It provides excellent accuracy for high form creation, high transparency for clear design communication & more detailed colour transfer for final colour matching or illustration services of various designs like character models, figurines and miniatures.

Model Resin is a versatile, easy-to-use resin that helps dental professionals increase their production speed. It eliminates the time to create a model from an impression, up to three appointments and allows high-quality digital model production in a single doctor’s appointment. The smooth matte surface finish is perfect for finalizing form and client approval.

The neutral base tone makes switching from analog to digital model production for crown and bridge models easier, with a colour similar to gypsum. One can efficiently print crisp margins and contacts within ±35 microns and removable dies with a consistently tight fit.

Download our Application Guide for detailed instructions.

Supports Print Resolutions: 100, 50 and 25 Microns (Form 2, Form 3, and Form 3B); 140 Microns (Form 2)

Post-curing: Required