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Permanent Crown Resin 1kg

Permanent Crown Resin is part of Formlabs Dental resins range that enables dental practices and labs to rapidly manufacture various dental products in-house, from biocompatible surgical guides and splints to fixed prosthetic and clear aligner models. Formulated with the latest 3D printing technology, the permanent crown resin is also shade-stable, which means it occurs neither discolouration nor change in colour.

Permanent Crown Resin produces high strength, long term restorations with an accurate and precise fit. Low water absorption and a smooth finish ensure restorations made from Permanent Crown Resin have a low tendency to age, discolour or accumulate plaque.

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Available in four VITA* shades (A2, A3, B1, C2).

A Stainless Steel Build Platform is required when printing with Permanent Crown Resin for optimal aesthetics and performance. We recommend purchasing the Permanent Crown Resin Starter Pack if you do not currently have a Stainless Steel Build Platform.

Supports print resolutions: 50 microns
Post-curing required.

Compatible with any Form 3/3B Resin Tank
Requires Stainless Steel Build Platform

* VITA is a registered trademark that is not affiliated with Formlabs, Inc.

Download our Application Guide to learn the complete digital workflow and best practices for making 3D printed permanent restorations on the Form 3B.

Select a Shade

Permanent Crown A2 Resin 1kg (0.7 L), Permanent Crown A3 Resin 1kg (0.7 L), Permanent Crown B1 Resin 1kg (0.7 L), Permanent Crown C2 Resin 1kg (0.7 L)