High speed and precise 3D printers for jewellery manufacturing

Why use Rapid Shape?

Rapid Shape (made in Germany) is the world leader in DLP technology and one of the fastest 3D printers in the world. It has been setting benchmarks in speed and accuracy in the field of 3D manufacturing. Rapid Shape machines are being used by jewellery manufacturers from around the globe to drive high quality output in record span of times.


Design your Jewellery

Design your Jewellery, Digitally using a CAD Software

Rapid Shape Printer

Easy and Flexible Handling of Your inhouse CAM
Rapid Shape Printer

Rapid Shape Wash & Cure

Post Process using Rapid Shape Wash & Cure

Final Castable Part

Final Castable Part

Choose the Correct CAM Printer for you


Get inspired by Rapid Shape’s S20+ professional 3D printers for casting shops, design offices and jewellery companies for easy and fast printing – again and again! Bring your design to life! The compact and easy to handle S20+ easily converts your jewellery design into high precision printed parts at highest reliability, with the S20+ you get printed parts in top level quality and repeatability. Fast printing results make the S20 + your indispensable support in the implementation of rapid prototyping

  • Low acquisition cost
  • Professional entry-level printing solution
  • Fine, regular or large version available


Fast, flexible and semi automated, Rapid Shape’s S30+ professional 3D printers are the workhorses for casting shops, design offices and jewellery companies. Take advantage of greater efficiency and professional print results! Easy to use with an intuitive user interface - the S30+ allows fast, high-volume print results with consistent quality. The automated part separation module (ASM) (patents pending) enables cutting of parts without manual operation. Furthermore, the temperature-controlled resin reservoir provides process stability and increases part quality even more at maximum speed.

  • User friendly
  • Designed for volume production
  • Fine, regular or large version available


The S90+ cabinet offers the perfect workflow at maximum speed with consistent quality! The S90+ cabinet is a heavy use unit uncompromised in quality. Robot-supported functions collect the printed parts in an integrated catch tank. The ready built job is cut off directly and the next print job starts immediately. The S90+ cabinet is a “must have” to work 24/7

The S90+ standalone is your partner for high performance 3D printing! The patented force feedback technology enables the highest production rate with the lowest production costs per part and without compromising quality. Modular high-performance sub-systems including a dual-circuit cooling system with heat exchanger ensure optimal operation.

  • Industrial continuous manufacturing
  • Lowest cost per part
  • Optional with cabinet or conveyer belt

S30 Speed

The S30 Speed is integrated with the Noktamodel database, eliminating the need to download the models. Using the S30 Speed, one no longer needs to wait for long periods of time to receive their models but can directly print the desired model in-house - saving time and shipping costs.

The Rapid Shape S30 SPEED provides direct printing of castable parts and defined processes for embedding and burnout with high wax content for resin. It features a Resin Handling System that allows precise non-stop-work based on direct resin temperature regulation. The S30 SPEED has an ultra-compact design, is easy to clean, and is devoted to achieving the fastest print speeds.

  • User friendly
  • Integrated with Noktamodel
  • Resin temperature regulation
  • High Speed

RS Wash & Cure

A fully automatic cleaning unit that can wash 3d printed parts in just 6-8 minutes. The consumption of cleaning agent is reduced to a minimum, while ensuring optimal cleaning results. For easy handling, the RS wash is equipped with a data link to the printer to preselect the correct cleaning program / cleaning agent.
The automated post-cure unit offers a validated material curing in about 6-10 minutes. The illumination system cures homogeneously from all sides using powerful LEDs in combination with heating and vacuum. This process eliminates remaining monomers that otherwise cause investment breakdown in the firing process. The radiation covers the UVA and UVB spectrum.

  • Clean process, no handling of sticky resins
  • Wireless connectivity to printer
  • For optimal gold weight
  • Works with vacuum

Highly precise – again and again

By choosing the right castable material, filigree structures, precisely fitting frames or very smooth surfaces can be produced. The S+ series supports jewellery designers, jewellers and jewellery manufacturers. Best of all, our 3D printer and material have been tested and validated several times, so you can always rely on the perfect result even when printing repeatedly.

Smooth surface 3d jewellery prints

The Imaginarium Difference

With over 15 years of experience in computer aided manufacturing, Imaginarium have always been users of a technology first. Having used Rapid Shape 3D printers consistently, we understand how it can boost jewellery production and save time. Imaginarium has been a master reseller of Rapid Shape printers for over ten years, bringing faster building cycles, high quality output, almost nil calibration, affordable spare and reduced energy requirements to users in India.

Rapidshape DLP printers at Imaginarium

Why Choose Us

Post sales service:

Our engineers, printer support specialists, breakdown support specialists, and maintenance experts work round the clock and are available to help if you hit a roadblock.

40+  industries served:

We provide prototypes and complete services to an assortment of industries from jewelry, engineering, automotive, architecture, consumer goods, medical devices and healthcare, etc.

End-to-End solutions:

We offer complete solutions; from software, printers, material, post processing, to human expertise and technical support, we’re your partners in bringing your products to life.

Case Study

Bluestone, a leading online destination for high quality fine jewellery is a one-stop shop for all your requirements. With a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and customer experience they have revolutionized the fine jewellery and lifestyle segment and built a large family of loyal consumers. In search of a better logistics solution they came to Imaginarium with a unique challenge.

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We have been using 3D printing and prototyping services from Imaginarium for quite some time and are very much contented with their infrastructure to meet our demand. A round-the-clock service and commitment for in-time deliverables while maintaining a competitive cost in the market makes them totally dependable, even for a project running tight on schedule.



We at Velli Designs, Bangalore are extremely proud to be associated with Imaginarium. They have been helping us with Prototyping and mould making of various designs of our idols which are then used by us for electroforming purpose. Their quality, delivery times, technology and pricing policy have been exemplarily good.

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