June 17

The butterfly takes to European skies: Imaginarium invests in Rapid Manufacturing AG


 As the world witnesses re-industrialisation and advancements towards Industry 5.0, Imaginarium, one of India’s leading multi-speciality digital manufacturing businesses serving industries across healthcare, automotive, aerospace, energy and robotics has recently announced an acquisition of a strategic stake in Rapid Manufacturing AG, Switzerland. Rapid Manufacturing AG, an industry veteran and leader in the additive space, specialises in digital manufacturing catering to the Swiss and European markets across diverse and critical industries.

A key focus of this investment is to drive forward R&D and production across industries, especially in the fields of healthcare, robotics and material sciences, by partnering with Swiss institutions marking a new era of innovation and excellence.

Aashay Mehta, MD & Co-Chairman at Imaginarium, is keen to get started. "We are excited to work symbiotically with the highly respected and advanced Swiss ecosystem. This collaboration is aimed at fostering an advanced concept-to-creation process flow, and seamless production capabilities, to various sectors like medical devices, aerospace, robotics, lifestyle and various others combining Swiss precision and reliability with Indian innovation, agility and efficiency,” he said.

This strategic investment will act as a catalyst for Rapid Manufacturing AG to become a European powerhouse, by widening its technology portfolio, backed by world-class talent. Building on each others’strengths: This investment will enable Imaginarium’s European customers to avail shorter lead times with a guarantee of Swiss quality while Rapid Manufacturing AG’s customers can scale production with high precision manufacturing across a wider portfolio of technologies.

Alain Stebler, Founder of Rapid Manufacturing AG has said, “A strategic acquisition by Imaginarium strengthens Rapid Manufacturing AG's regional presence in Europe and reinforces our commitment to Swiss-quality precision. Together, we offer clients an unmatched manufacturing portfolio that upholds the highest standards of excellence."

Consolidating a value offering of high-precision technologies, our customers across the globe will enjoy the ease of a streamlined, seamless and highly integrated manufacturing workflow with IP protection at the heart of this system. Our customers and partners will greatly benefit from state-of-the-art in-house operations and a robust supply chain.

Together, Imaginarium and Rapid Manufacturing AG will power a new era of industrialisation and innovation.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact:


Ms. Neha Nagwekar, Marketing Manager

Email: press@imaginarium.io

To find out more about Imaginarium, click here

Rapid Manufacturing AG

Ms. Simon Küchler, Member of Management

Email: info@rapidmanufacturing.ch

To find out more about Rapid Manufacturing AG, click here

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