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GE Additive has successfully traversed the path to metal additive production and are ready to share our experiences to help you fast track additive, develop next-generation materials or incubate new application ideas, into your company.

Let’s Build Anything together

With Imaginarium’s 15+ years of experience and proven presence in the Indian manufacturing sphere. We can help you adopt, implement and scale-up Additive Manufacturing. We're built to support your journey in every way imaginable by offering Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM) machines of GE Additive to produce produce parts quickly and precisely. These Metal 3D Printers are capable of making intricate shapes and geometries with high levels of accuracy, opening up new design possibilities across a multitude of applications. We can provide you with the perfect powder to manufacture your application with superior AP&C Powders.

The GE Advantage

Accelerate Innovation, Reduce Risk, Reduce Cost

World’s biggest user of additive technologies

High process stability, part quality and resolution

Open architecture for material and parameter R&D

Broad range of materials and applications

Ease of use and safe handling

Qualified and Certified materials and processes

Concept Laser

DMLM metal machines from Concept Laser use lasers to melt layers of fine metal powder and create complex geometries with incredible precision directly from a CAD file. The machine portfolio varies from small to large build envelopes.

Arcam EBM

EBM machines from Arcam EBM create dimensionally accurate parts quickly and efficiently by utilizing a high-power electron beam for high melting capacity and productivity. The Arcam EBM process takes place in vacuum and at high temperature, resulting in stress-relieved components with material properties better than cast and comparable to wrought material.

GE Additive- White paper

No longer a newcomer to the industry, metal additive manufacturing (AM) is a growing technology that gives companies a competitive advantage and a positive ROI. With lower barriers to entry than ever before, including reduced costs and an increasingly skilled workforce, more industries can adopt proven processes and begin to map out a plan for how additive can improve their business. To realize your additive advantage and ensure your investment pays off, download the white paper to know more.

High Quality Powders 

Imaginarium with GE Additive offers certified, high-performing powders for every metal additive need, taking Into account a variety of mechanical behavior design data and material science.
With GE Additive we continue to innovate by understanding, developing, and differentiating new powdered materials to help move the additive industry forward.

Training and services

Imaginarium's team of engineers are at your service to help you to manage the value stream throughout the materials life cycle. The team offers training in a variety of additive topics, which can be delivered in a variety of ways - online, on-site, off-site. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Materials and process training
  • Process optimization and machine calibration
  • Materials to improve your design
  • Customized content to meet your needs
  • Helping you to achieve part qualification and certification

Case Study

A successful additive journey for
patient-specific implants - CRIQ Research
Centre Industrial Du Quebec.

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