Form 4B

Blazing Speed Meets Unmatched Accuracy

Form 4B is a blazing fast dental 3D printer that offers the most diverse materials library for dentistry and orthodontics. Create high-quality dental models and biocompatible appliances fast, with easy workflows, leading reliability, and stunning part quality using the Form 4B ecosystem.


A model
every 49 seconds


15+ Formlabs and third-
party resins


Anyone can learn
in 15 minutes


A perfect fit
every time

Unprecedented print speeds. Print a dental model every 49 seconds.

Dentistry made easier through innovative solutions.

PreForm Dental

Go from scan to print in a few clicks
with pre-optimized settings using our
free print preparation software.

Auto-Dispense Resin Cartridge

A spilless cartridge with easy resin
dispense simplifies resin handling for
a hassle-free print process.

Build Platform Flex

Minimize interaction time and speed
up part removal for a safer, easier, and
more efficient 3D printing process.

Effortlessly create parts for any
dental application.

Choose from 15+ dental-specific resins including biocompatible resins developed and validated under a stringent QMS and produced in an ISO 13485-certified facility for peace of mind.

Achieve high-quality prints right out of the box with pre-optimized print settings.

Certified third-party materials and Open Platform available.

Unrivaled accuracy that matches your
commitment to a perfect fit, every time.

Print dental parts with industry-leading surface accuracy of over 95% of data points within 50 μm of the original CAD data, consistent across the build platform.

Experience identical prints anywhere on the build platform powered by Formlabs Low Force DisplayTM (LFD) technology.

Smooth surfaces and fine features for premium looking parts you’ll be proud to deliver.

Wash (2nd Gen)

Form Wash automatically cleans printed parts thoroughly and efficiently with IPA or alternative solvents. Keep parts directly on the Build Platform as you transition them from the printer to Form Wash, or remove parts and place them in the wash basket. Parts are precisely and thoroughly agitated in solvent with an impeller, getting every nook and cranny perfectly clean, automatically for the appropriate time. When washing completes, the Form Wash automatically raises parts out of the IPA so they can air dry.

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