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3D Printing in Dentistry

Premium parts, made consistently.

  • High-accuracy parts that exceed clinical requirements.
  • Achieve incredible detail and finish. Affordably produce parts with milling-center-quality you’ll be proud to deliver.
  • Biocompatible materials for a constantly expanding range of dental indications.
Imaginarium certified Formlabs form 3 partner

We are Certified Service Partner of Formlabs Form 3/3B repairing service and maintenance

The Next Generation of Dental 3D Printing

Advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology uses a flexible resin tank and a custom-designed, user-replaceable Light Processing Unit (LPU) to produce consistent, accurate prints. Reduced peel forces lead to incredible surface finish and part clarity, right off the printer.

XY Resolution: 25 microns
Build Volume: 14.5 × 14.5 × 18.5 cm
Laser Power One 250 mW laser
Layer Thickness 25 – 300 microns

The Easy Choice for Digital Appliance Production

Save time and produce parts you’ll be proud to deliver, without hassle or extra costs. Formlabs brings unprecedented reliability, quality, and ease of use, with validated workflows tested by a team of dental experts. 

Dental 3D printer- Form 3B

Collect patient anatomy digitally using an intraoral scanner. Send scans to the lab with a digital prescription or to a design station.

CAD design for form 3B

Import scan data into CAD software, where the virtual design takes place.

Print process for Form 3B

Import the designed CAD files into PreForm print preparation software for print setup and send them easily to a Formlabs printer

post 3D print process

Wash, dry, and post-cure printed parts. These parts can then be used intraorally or be used to produce various indications

White paper

Five ways 3D printing can help your dental practice bounce back. Throughout this white paper, you’ll learn about. 
  • The benefits of going digital
  • The digital dentistry workflow and how it’s different from analog processes
  • The best strategies for getting started with digital dentistry - Differences between dental 3D printing technologies
  • The comprehensive criteria and aspects to evaluate before investing in a 3D printing solution 
Formlabs buyer guide -Imaginarium

3D Printing in Healthcare


Deliver on-demand, personalized care through more effective workflows, quicker surgeries, and better identification and visualization.

Medical Device Firms

Get innovative solutions into patients’ hands faster. 3D printing with Formlabs enables more nimble product development from R&D to production.

Medial 3D Printers  from formlabs -Imaginarium

A Proven Treatment For The Status Quo

Every medical facility should have access to the latest tools to improve care and provide the best patient experience. Get started now or expand your in-house production with Formlabs, a proven, cutting-edge partner in medical 3D printing.

Form 3B -Best dental 3D printers for practise and lab

Dynamic Care That Works at Your Speed

The Form 3B is an advanced desktop 3D printer optimized for biocompatible and engineering materials. Print patient-specific parts in a day at the point of care, or bring quick, impactful R&D and low-volume commercial production in-house.

Prototyping and Testing in Medical Device Development

Download the case study to learn:

  • The benefits of a digital manufacturing workflow for medical devices with complex geometries such as Coalesce's inhalers
  • How Coalesce replicates the characteristics of an injection molded plastic part with Formlabs Black, White, and Clear Resins for medical devices and tooling
  • How in-house SLA 3D printing enabled Coalesce to achieve a 80–90 percent reduction in lead time and a 96 percent reduction in cost

Make Manufacturing Quicker


Each of our ever-expanding variety of resins has been substantially validated and tested to ensure quality and accuracy.

Resin for dental prints


Plan and manage your print queue in PreForm and manage printers and teams through your online Dashboard.

PreForm for 3D printers

Wash & Cure

Form Wash and Form Cure streamline post-processing so you can consistently produce quality results with less time and effort.


What they say

"We know when we go home at night that when we come in in the morning, everything will be printed. There's not going to be a failure; everything will be there. Because of that, we can build our business around Formlabs."

Sean Thompson

Ashford Othodontics, CEO


"We use high temperature SLA printing to prototype internal parts for coffee makers. Since near-boiling water passes through the parts, traditional SLA resins deform, but high temperature resins stay rigid."

Mack Mor

XO, Sr. Product Engineer


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