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Investment in ideas.

Nurturing new


Nurt32uring new

If you have an idea that uses 3D printing to solve a problem that impacts lives and businesses, Ventures would like to help you make it happen! We open up access to technology, funds and other resources to teams that are trying to apply this technology in innovative ways across domains. We have an access to over 25 industrial and hobby grade 3D printers under one roof with over 200 people, decade of experience etc.


adoption with

the latest

in 3DP.

With world-class expertise in the field of 3DP, we focus on educating everybody right from school children to corporate leaders or Government officials with the best curated content from around the globe.

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An extension of the Academy, we are a bright space representing the change that Imaginarium wants to bring about. A playground for ideas and technology, Metamorphosis is a collaborative maker space that liberates and celebrates the act of creation. We inspire and encourage a whole generation of creative minds to challenge the constraints, break free of rules that bind and create ideas that make better worlds possible.