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Why Choose Our On-demand Manufacturing Services?

Virtual Inventory
Virtual Inventory

On-demand Manufacturing allows you to save time and money as you can digitize your inventory and order online 3D Printing service for the application when needed and not stock up the parts.

IP Protection
IP Protection

At Imaginarium, we provide our customers with the live status of their order and excellent customer support at every step and even after. We ensure complete IP protection for all our customers when they order 3D printed parts online

Wide Material Selection & Finishes
Wide Material Selection & Finishes

Our online 3D Printing service allows you to choose from a wide range of technologies, processes, materials and finishes for your application

Instant and Intelligent feedback (DfM)
Instant and Intelligent feedback (DfM)

The Design for Manufacturing (DfM) feedback provides instant feedback on the manufacturing feasibility ensuring the correct wall thickness, the holes, traps, radii and reclamping.

Complete Manufacturing Solutions
Complete Manufacturing Solutions

With our rapid manufacturing technology, whether you need a single prototype or a batch of assembled parts, we are here to your aid with high-quality and precision 3D Prints

No Minimum Order Quantity
No Minimum Order Quantity

Whether you need a single part or thousands, our 3D printing and prototype service provides you with the best quality prints. 

Looking for Custom Parts Manufacturing?

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First, all you need to do is select your location and follow our step-by-step process when you order 3D Prints.

With Our Online Factory you get

10% discount over offline orders

Instant manufacturing feedbacks, quoting and lead-time estimation

Free CAD file/.STL viewer

Intelligent DfAM

Widest choice of materials and finishes available

Industry-specific Experience

Live Order tracking

Virtual inventory- manufacture on-demand when required

Reduced Assembly Time


Other Manufacturing Capabilities

A3D Printing (Polymer and Metal)

Imaginarium offers the widest variety of plastic, metal and wax Additive Manufacturing technologies under one roof for making a show or concept models, production parts, spare parts, prototypes and tools. An array of Stereolithography, Laser Sintering, HP Multijet Fusion, Fused Deposition Modeling, Material Jetting and Digital Light Processing printers work round the clock to serve all your needs from Prototyping to Production.

CNC Machining

We use CNC Machining, to produce parts with Extremely tight tolerances & aesthetic finishes using world-class 3-axis and 5 axis milling and turning machines to make a component or a product, for manufacturing parts, prototypes, and even mould tools used for injection moulding die casting. We machine most plastics, ferrous & non-ferrous metals and also tough materials like Titanium for a wide range of industries


We provide a holistic approach covering every aspect of design, engineering, and manufacturing that works together to produce the best part possible with our Design for Additive Manufacturing process.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting or Urethane casting services from Imaginarium to produce plastic parts in 10s to a few hundreds of high quality, textured, coloured & functional parts that ensure that the parts are reliable and suitable for fit and function testing & marketing purposes.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is used when the original manufacturer no longer manufactures a product or if there is no information on the original design of the end product. Our experts deconstruct the part to reveal its design, architecture or extract data and provide additional features to improve the overall performance of the object.

Rapid Tooling

At Imaginarium, we offer Plastic Moulding Tools & Moulding services for high-quality parts through Injection Moulding and Blow Moulding. Our tool room comes fully equipped with High-Speed Milling Machines, CNC Lathes, EDMs, Wire cuts, Spotting machines and other conventional machines.

Our Difference


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With over a decade of experience in using additive manufacturing for a wide array of industries, we suggest to our clients only the best for their application. Our team of engineers provide our clients with industry insights and manufacturing expertise based on their exact requirements. 


We ordered a few parts with complex designs, and we were unsure if any 3D manufacturing firm would assist us. However, Imaginarium succeeded, and we are thrilled with the results.

The technical expertise and professional team of Imaginarium are renowned across borders. Being one of the prominent educational institutes located in the United States, we appreciate newer technologies and advancements. Therefore, we are thankful to Imaginarium for delivering our high-quality 3D academic parts on time.

Surviving in the hospitality industry is not everyone’s cup of tea. I stumbled upon Imaginarium, looking for something innovative for my hospitality businesses. Needless to say, the young minds at Imaginarium introduced me to the world of 3D Printing, and since then, there has been no looking back. I have been working with Imaginarium, and I appreciate the efforts and the ways they put technology to use.

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