How do I delete my account?

Currently, we do not allow user controlled account deletion. However, you can drop an email to use for account deletion requests.

Do you manufacture complex and big parts (statues, temple, temple parts or trophies, etc)?

Yes, please drop an email to precious@imaginarium.io or contact our team. We want to hear from you, even if you requirement is beyond our current offerings.

Do you offer services other than jewelry?

Yes we do offer services for engineering, automotive, architecture, consumer goods.etc. For more details please contact our team.

Can I order a material sample before a batch?

Material Sample Kit Coming Soon (Till then, you can always order a single piece of any material you’d like to test out).

What is Imaginarium Precious?

Precious is the jewellery arm of Imaginarium - India’s largest 3D Printing company.

Based in Mumbai, we are the pioneers of 3D printing technology in the jewellery industry with over a decade of expertise and an impressive clientele.  Precious offers a new platform where you can simply upload your designs, customize your product and have it delivered to you in no time. It’s designed specially for the web and built for independent designers, retailers and creative businesses alike. we specialize in small-batch production of metal parts using 3D printing.

Is Imaginarium Precious the right fit for me?

We built Imaginarium precious for makers like us, but it's a good fit for anyone trying to grow their product-based business. We specialize in production runs between 10 and 1,000.

How does 3d printing benefit my business?

There are a number of ways digital production can help your business - but the two main reasons we find designers use 3d printing is that they can save time and energy in replicated their designs and they can improve their pieces in ways that would be hard to do otherwise.

  • Realizable complex designs
  • Complete customization
  • Decentralized, on demand
  • Supply chain innovation reduce stocks, less wastage, green manufacturing
  • Product line innovation complex products

How do I get started?

You first need to register with us and login with your username and password to get started. Once you have your username and password you can upload files and get a quote for the same.

What’s your minimum order size?

Our minimum order quantity for any material is "1". For few materials, the maximum quantity is 10, while for rest it is 100. You can experience this in upload and print section of our page. Also, we have an attractive pricing for higher quantity orders. The savings are displayed in the QUANTITY stage of upload & print experience.

  • 1 or 10,000. Instant pricing. For bulk orders, get in touch, special requests.


What is a mesh error & how can I repair it?

Our automatic file analyse and repair tool has 97% success rate. However, if it fails to repair the file, you may come across the mesh fixing error. To proceed with such file, you have to send order manually to us through email.

Can I include multiple pieces in a build (i.e. earrings)?

No. Every file needs to be printed separately, which means it costs us the same as printing two separate files. This is not just true for us, but anyone who uses 3D printing as part of their production process. Keeping our costs aligned with our prices is how we keep prices low, transparent, and fair.

Do I get a discount on batch orders?

Yes. As volume increases, our costs decrease and we pass those savings onto you. While it varies by material and design -- costs decrease by 5-10% per interval of 50. For orders of more than 100 units, you can contact us for a custom quote.

How do I get a custom quote?

Getting a quote for a new project is fast and easy. Just register yourself on the website and login. Once you log in you will have to upload STL or (/.obj/.3ds/.ply/.amf/.slc) For orders above 100 pieces, get in touch and we can get you a custom quote.

How Does Pricing Work?

Our pricing is always broken down by unit, with all set-up costs built into the cost. [Complexity, part volume, material and finish type]


What if I am unhappy with my order?

We want to make sure you are happy with your order and aim for 100% satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with any portion of your order please contact our customer service department within 30 days of your order . We can offer several resolutions to ensure you are completely satisfied with your order.

How can I check the status of my order?

View the latest status of each product in your order on the My Orders page. You just need to sign in and click on my order at the bottom to get the status of your order.

What technology/process do you use to create 3D objects?

We use SLS, SLA, DLP, MJM & Polyjet machines to create 3D objects.

If the part size is bigger than your platform size , what do I do?

If you know how to cut the design in two parts, you can do that and upload these two files individually on our website & in case you are having trouble doing it, please contact our team.

Where are your products made?

Every product we make is manufactured in Mumbai, with most of the work being done at our Mumbai factory and by our partners in Mumbai’s famous city. If you have any questions about how or where our products are made, just ask!

What materials do you work with?

We offer a range of basic, precious and semi-precious metal alloys in variety of mechanized and artisanal finishes. You can find a full list of materials, finishes and plating on our interactive materials page or speak with a member of our team.

Intellectual Property

How long will you keep my design information?

We keep the design information with us till the project is completed and it will be stored in your account page so you will have an option to delete that anytime.

How do you ensure my property isn’t stolen?

We believe that we’ve gone further than anyone in the business to make sure your designs stay yours. We store all our files on secure servers and do all printing in-house so that our vendors never have access to the original files, and we only work with vendors that are local.

Do I retain the intellectual property rights for my design?

Yes! Anything you make through us remains yours; including any CAD or design work we do for you. We’ll never reproduce your work without your permission or share photographs of it being made. Design secrecy is our backbone.


What are the Payment options available?

When you check out of your order you will get payment options of PAYU or bank transfer.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept payments in INR, USD, Euro, and more. If you have any queries regarding your preferred mode of currency, contact us on hello@imaginarium.io.

I want delivery in special economic zone, how does that work?

Yes, we do. You will have to place a special order through our customer service on hello@imaginarium.io

My order is late. What can I do?

Please get in touch with our customer care team, they'll take over from there!

Are packages insured?

Yes, all our shipments are insured.

Can I track my orders once they’ve shipped?

Yes. If you order through our website, you’ll get an email with a tracking number as soon as your item ships.

Can I get a fast track delivery?

Yes we have an option, please check this on your order page while placing the order.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do! We ship across the globe.


What is the cancellation policy?

Once the order is confirmed your order cannot be cancelled.

What if the pieces are defective?

While we inspect each piece before shipping, defects occasionally slip under our radar. In the rare case that this happens, we’ll swap out the bad parts for good ones.

What is your return policy?

Kindly send the image and description to our customer care team within 10 days and they will revert back to you with a proper information within 2 working days.

We do not provide refunds for products that have been used, altered, or damaged after you've received the shipment.

Couldn't find the answers you're looking for?

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