Do I need an account to upload files?

Yes you need to register at rapid.imaginarium.io and setup an account, post which you can upload your files, track your orders and also see historical data.

How can I upload my file?

You can upload your 3D design CAD files either on our online platform or by sending them through to our customer care team.

What type of files can I upload?

We accept .stl /.obj / .3ds / .ply / .amf / .3mf / .gts / .vrml / .wrl / .x3d / .x3db / .zpr / .iges / .step / .model / .catpart / .catproduct / .catshape / .3dxml / .prc / .prt / .sldasm / .sldprt / +more for uploading on the platform for 3D printing quotes. For CNC machining, Injection Moulding, Vaccum Casting, Sheet Metal and other enquiries we prefer .STEP, .IGES file formats. If there are any critical dimensions with special tolerances, 2D drawings in PDF format must be sent across.

How many designs can I upload together?

You can upload any number of designs together, as long as the total size of all designs together does not exceed 200MB.

I do not want to upload design on the website, what is the alternative?

You can always send us your detailed enquiry with 3D CAD files, material details, process, quanitity and finish details at rapid@imaginarium.io

What is the minimum order quanitity or value?

You can order even 1 part from us. The minimum order value however will be Rs 2500 + taxes.

I have special instruction about my product, where shall I communicate?

While you are placing the order, we have made a provision to add special instructions or comments. Alternatively once you have placed the order, you can always get in touch with us and let us know the special instruction.


What Payment options are available?

You can find a range of payment options at the Checkout page. We work with PayU or Bank Transfer.

How much time will it take for a quote?

Our online platform gives you istant quote for 3D printing. For all other services once you upload the enquiry, we will revert back within 24-48 hours with a quote. In case of a delay you will be notified.

Can I get a discount on bigger volumes?

Yes. If you have bigger volumes we will be happy to reduce the price for you.


I am confused as to which technology or material to use for making my products.

We will be more than happy to help select the accurate technology and material based on your uses. Please contact our customer care team and they will help you out.

What is the lead time on making a part?

Lead times depend on the technology / process, material and quantity. We thrive at delivering on time every time. Lead times will be mentioned on the quote you will receive.

What Tolerances can I expect?

There are no general tolerance rules that fit all our materials and processes. It is completely dependent on the part geometry, size, type of features, number of features, complexity factor, materials, finish and process. We follow ISO DIN 2768 standards for CNC machined parts. For Vacuum Casting you can expect a +0.15% tolerance. For 3D Printing, it would be +0.5mm

If my part size is bigger than the machine bed size, will you still make it?

Yes we can do large parts. We have developed our in house technique to join the parts. The joint is very hard and can hardly be noticed.

How does Imaginarium Rapid assure Quality?

Once we have recieved your order, the files go through a detailed analysis done by our engineers. We have multiple Quality Check points to ensure you are delivered with the right part, first time, every time. With every order you will also get an Inspection Report.

Can Imaginarium Rapid help me with assembly?

Yes. We have got years of experince in different domains and we can help you with assembling your product as well.

Intellectual Property

Will my designs be kept confidential and what about intellectual property?

We will be signing the Non-Disclosure agreement with you. While there is no absolute way to prevent against Intellectual Property theft, we believe we’ve gone further than anyone in the business to make sure your designs stay yours. We have strict measures taken on our shop floor and in our system to make sure your proprietary information is not leaked.

Can we have Non-Disclosure agreement signed?

Yes. We will be happy to review and sign the Non-Disclosure agreement with you. Please send it to rapid@imaginarium.io.


What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges depend on the size, weight and location. We levy shipping charges as per actuals only.

Once I place the order, how do I track it?

You can track all your orders on your account dashboard on our website.


Can I cancel the order once placed?

Once the order goes into production we will not be able to cancel it.

What if I am not happy with the part I recieved?

If you find any disrepencies in parts, or if they are out of the mentioned tolerances, please notify us within 48 hours of receiving the parts. We will make sure it gets resolved.

What if the pieces are defective?

We will require the damaged pieces back. You will need to notify us within 72 hours so we can give you a satisfactory solution.

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