March 14

Bluestone – Practicality Meets Diversity


Bluestone, a leading online destination for high quality fine jewellery is a one-stop shop for all your requirements. With a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and customer experience they have revolutionized the fine jewellery and lifestyle segment and built a large family of loyal consumers. In search of a better logistics solution they came to Imaginarium with a unique challenge.

The Challenge

Good customer service is the lifeblood for any business and Bluestone prides itself on being at the forefront of it. For them, the challenge was of reducing the lead time involved in their logistics and thus gaining a better head start on the delivery time for their customers.

Bluestone with its prevalent prototyping technique was looking to upgrade to a more cost-effective and adept procedure which would not only cut down on the production time for their products but also help them reach their consumers quicker.


In a conventional arrangement, Bluestone stocks their moulds and only casts products when the demand arises for it. This process requires a warehouse for stocking moulds and a workforce to locate and identify design moulds that will be used in the production of jewellery. The activity of identifying the design moulds takes more than a few hours since its done manually. That means they lose out on almost a day, in just preparation for casting of the product. To overcome the time gap Imaginarium Solutions suggested Rapid S30, a machine that can print directly with casting purpose. Printing with casting purpose resin CP 201, had its own advantages. Since the resin has a low melting point and the rapid prototypes made through them can be directly casted into metal, the need for moulds was eradicated. This led to a more optimized logistics for Bluestone and helped them reach their consumers faster. Another advantage of printing with casting purpose resin 201 was that Bluestone didn’t have to store any moulds, which led to a new approach of inventory less retailing. The above factors made an economical difference to Bluestone and rearranged their entire business approach.


Rapid Shape S30L

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