November 25

Lord Mahavir Statue – Making with faith


Here is a case of the unusual cool collaboration of technology and faith. A devout Jain family wanted to make an exact replica of a temple idol in Gold, only smaller in size for their home temple. The challenge was to capture the idol perfectly to the minutest details which could have not been achieved by the traditional methods of metal sculpture.


The original statue (28″) was scanned at Imaginarium to obtain a 3D CAD model. The statue was then resized to 7″ and checked for detailing loss. The file was sent for printing and later casted in gold. The statue was then subjected to the finishing processes like polishing, buffing, tumbling, grinding, plating etc. This is the stage where the dull metal got its lustre and shine. This was made possible within the shortest possible time and with the exact specifications leaving the family all smiles.

Technology Used

  • 3D scanning
  • 3D modeling
  • Master pattern using SLA
  • Casting in 10K gold

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