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Over 5 Million Parts

Designed, Customised, Produced and Shipped

We don’t make promises, we keep them. Our portfolio of global customers stake their businesses on our lightning-fast turnarounds, scalable production and consistent quality. 

Mass produce bespoke products easily

Our team of product specialists can translate your customers’ unique ideas and wishes into beautiful designs that are made to order.

With a mix of high technology, craftsmanship and the finest raw materials, we ensure that every project is made with utmost care and attention to detail

Launch a new product in hours, not months

Our product development specialists and technical experts make the entire journey of new product development and collection extensions seamless.

We work with all karats of Gold, Silver and Micron plating to deliver the first sample and commercial orders alike. One stop shop for sourcing all types of stones and findings.

Developing innovative finishes, materials and techniques that reflect your Brand's identity

Eliminate your warehouse costs

Grow your business with ease using On Demand Manufacturing using our online factory. Our online platform enables the user to access the entire ecosystem of manufacturing from the convenience of his smart device.

It is a factory in the cloud that transforms demand into supply. A tool to manufacture from the comfort of your home in over 100 different combinations of materials and finishes. And all you need to do is choose.

engage your customers’ imagination with visualisation & rendering

Allow your customers to visualise and modify designs before they are produced. Co-creation is now a reality.
Stunning photorealistic images create a strong first impression and enhance your brand’s storytelling.

Full Spectrum In-House Production Capabilities





Complex Geometry

Interlocked designs

Digital Sculpting