May 26

Conquering Major Milestones: Imaginarium Rapid has announced it’s AS9100D Certification


Imaginarium rapid has announced a major milestone, receival of the AS9100D certification. The AS9100D certification is the globally recognized standard for quality management systems in the aerospace industry. Certification as an AS9100D company is a testament to Imaginarium’s unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality of services to customers across the globe.

As a leader in advanced design and digital manufacturing in India, Imaginarium strives to unlock and optimise applications that serve as end-use components such as critical parts, spares and replacements for the aerospace and defence industries.  Furthermore, the company’s strategic investments in technology, material and automation have empowered companies to design based on desired functionality, truly unlocking a new mode of manufacturing through digital manufacturing. 

Channelling intensive planning, performance management and transparent communication, the company’s 400+ team is dedicated to collaborating over innovative solutions. With the rise of cutting-edge technology in the aerospace and defence industries, maintaining a high level of accountability is of key importance. Imaginarium’s thorough monitoring and measurement processes enable smoother and more transparent workflows across the board.

“Imaginarium is committed to enabling our customers to realise advanced complex designs, critical parts, and products of the highest quality at scale. The AS9100D certification gives the customers and us confidence in our systems and processes. We are committed to making skies safer for all with our best practices.” said Mr. Priyesh Mehta, Director at Imaginarium Rapid.

Imaginarium has empowered accountability to enable transparency and trust amongst industry players, regulatory bodies, and end-users, leading to advancements in aerospace and defence manufacturing. Every step of the manufacturing process, from design to end-use 3D printed part, is tracked and documented ensuring supply chain traceability at all levels.

By streamlining their processes and implementing robust quality management systems, Imaginarium equips their customers to fulfil orders promptly and efficiently, with a focus on accuracy.

About Imaginarium Rapid:

Rapid is a one-stop shop for all manufacturing taking digital designs to finished products at quick turnaround times. Rapid offers the full spectrum of low-volume, high-mix manufacturing services using technologies such as but not limited to, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Soft Tooling, CNC Machining and Injection Moulding. Rapid partners with industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, healthcare and many more to solve industry specific challenges using our pioneering integrated digital manufacturing ecosystem.

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