October 20

3D Printed 12-inch Ganesh Idol – The Ultimate Showstopper at the IIJS Premier 2021


Experimentation is the greatest science. "The true method of knowledge is experiment. - William Blake." At Imaginarium, we are not just about innovative ideas when it comes to additive manufacturing, but we firmly believe in making these ideas a reality. One such idea that arose amidst the Ganesh Chaturthi festival proved to be a significant achievement. Our experiment of 3D Printing a 12-inch/1 ft Ganpati idol in the new Formlabs Form 3L proved to be a major success at a recent event. 

Imaginarium is a one-stop solution provider empowering manufacturing with expertise across industries through an array of 3D Printers, materials and software solutions. We have joined hands with Formlabs as their certified resellers in India.

The Idea - 

Creativity is a natural extension of one's enthusiasm and our team is always enthusiastic about new applications and how they would work. Our fervor encouraged us to fully 3D Print 1 ft Ganpati Bappa Idol and showcase it at IIJS Premier 2021.

Time - 

40 hours of Print Time

Material -

Black Resin

The Application -

Every new idea looks crazy at first and at Imaginarium, everyone is thrilled about new ideas, new experiments, new innovations and new applications. The world was busy with festival celebrations and we had India’s largest gems and jewellery exhibition (IIJS Premiere 2021) just around the corner. Therefore, our team came up with a plan to club both of these. We decided to build a digital model into a physical idol layer-by-layer using SLA (Stereolithography) 3D Printing technology. We planned to fully 3D print a 1ft Ganpati Idol in Black resin using a desktop printer. This decision assisted in saving time and also material when compared to other manufacturing technologies.

Being an industry leader with more than 15+ years of experience in 3D Printing, we knew the best 3D Printer for our application - the Formlabs Form 3L. With just 40 hours of print time, Formlabs Form 3L was able to fully 3D Print a 12-inch Ganesha idol with a layer thickness of 100 microns. The whole application was printed in one go owing to the large bed-size and the surface finish quality was exquisite. Even the minutest feature of the idol was printed perfectly. This 1-ft idol, along with intricate jewellery and other small-sized idols was showcased at the IIJS Premier 2021, Bengaluru. Our application gained massive popularity with all the visitors. 

Formlabs Form 3L is an easy-to-use large-format 3D printer that assists you in eliminating the turnaround time of outsourcing or manual work of assembling large scale 3D Prints. It offers a massive build volume at an unparalleled value. To print the whole idol in one part, the bed size of the 3D Printer required was larger than other printers available in the market. The idol was printed hollow which saved material making it lightweight. It reduced the cost and saved printing investment casting time. Formlabs Form 3L has meticulous precision of 0.35mm making it the perfect choice to replicate large size idols, statues, temple and bridal jewellery. It is also renowned for providing incredible surface finish and finely detailed prints. Apart from black resin, one can print parts in a wide range of materials like white, castable wax, and more. Due to the cutting edge result provided by the Form 3L, one can print moulds or directly cast in precious metal like gold, silver, brass etc.

Formlabs Form 3L is a way to bring large-format 3D Printing in-house. We have built fully 3D printed idols in different s day. Call us on +91 86574 07030 or write to us at formlabs@imaginarium.io.

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