November 25

Enabling design with ease – for designer Zohara Murthy


Zohra Murthy’s designs have always held a bold, vibrant aesthetic. When she was looking to push the boundaries of imagination she found the perfect partner in Imaginarium. The dying art of enamelling that has been dependant on an increasingly dwindling number of artisans found a new lease of life with 3D printing. Imaginarium brought the same precision of handcrafting to the international, futuristic designs inspired by traditional art.


Owing to the smaller quantity and more international forms that were a part of the collection, traditional craftsmen were not readily taking up the work. Also the complexity of the designs made it impossible to achieve proper finishing by the traditional methods of jewellery making.


Imaginarium teamed up with Zohara right from the initial stages of conceptualization. The rough sketches were examined for their aesthetic appeal and the manufacturing possibilities and timelines. Imaginarium worked together with Zohara to create detailed CAD models with suitable pattern cut outs, textures and surfaces, which were then converted to resin prototypes.

Zohara’s suggestions in terms of any design amendments were incorporated before the final casting and finishing. With unmatched accuracy, the collection was ready well before schedule and the reduced wastage of material only added to Zohara’s delight.


My experience working with Imaginarium was memorable. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic, motivating and patient, and were ready to help at each stage. They took the time to understand my vision for the project and the complexities that it had to offer, and give me their input with respect to the technicalities of 3D printing.

Imaginarium gave me a great platform to bring my vision to life, and I think that would be beneficial to so many other designers looking to do the same!

Technology used

  • Prototypes made using MJM
  • Investment casting
  • Enameling

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