November 15

Model kidney – Planning with precision


Surgery was to be performed on a patient suffering from renal cancer. The tumor was present in the upper cortex in right kidney disturbing the shape and functioning of the kidney.


A patient suffering from advanced renal cancer needed to undergo a complex and delicate surgical procedure. This required the removal of a tumor that was present in the upper cortex of the kidney and even a slight miscalculation could lead to complete renal failure. The need of the hour was methodical and precise surgical planning beforehand that would let the doctors foresee and minimise all risks. This could only be done with the help of an exact model of the kidney that segmented crucial veins and arteries. The doctors approached Imaginarium to collaborate with them to create the model.


On receiving the DICOM data, a digital model of the kidney was made. Major veins and arteries were identified and segmented along with the location and size of the tumor. Once the CAD file was locked, it was sent for printing using PJP. The printed part was finished and in no time the doctors had a tangible 3D kidney to help plan their surgery.

Technology used

  • DICOM data for accuracy, 3D CAD modelling, printed using PJP in two materials. Tumour, veins, arteries- vero white(opaque) Kidney- vero clear (transparent).

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