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Entrepreneur Leverages Online Manufacturing Platform to Start Her Own Jewellery Brand

We’ve always believed in democratising designing and manufacturing. To make a product you don’t have to be a designer or an engineer, because with the right skills, anyone can make products. With our online platform, we have come one step closer to making manufacturing accessible to all.

Priyashi Mehta is a young entrepreneur who was looking to start her own jewellery brand. She had her business plan ready, was in touch with designers, and had worked out her brand identity and image. There was only one hurdle that kept her business from starting up – who could she approach to prototype and manufacture her designs in small numbers?

She got online and started searching for small-batch jewellery manufacturers when she came across Imaginarium’s Precious Online Factory. The Precious Online Factory is a one-stop-shop that has multiple services under one roof – from uploading your design to finishing, which eliminates the need to contact multiple vendors at multiple stages of realising your idea.

Priyashi Mehta, Per Te

What is the Precious Online Factory?

In an age of expedited production and delivery, everything happens right away.  An order placed at midnight can be delivered to you within a few hours. Products that would take weeks to reach consumers now take only a few days. Why should manufacturing be any different?

With the Precious Online Factory, explore the power of on-demand manufacturing at your fingertips. Our platform is an easy to use interface that generates an instant quote once a design has been uploaded and the specifics have been selected, marking the end of waiting weeks for RFQ. Imaginarium always strives to provide high-quality materials and craftsmanship in quick lead times – a practice that has been applied to the Precious Online Factory at its core. Imaginarium and the Precious Online Factory ship domestically and internationally.

How did the Precious Online Factory help her start her business?

Once Priyashi had uploaded her designs onto the Precious Online Factory platform, she was given options for the material – metals or castable resin, platings, settings, and finishes. Once she had finalised the specifications for each design, she confirmed her order with online payment. Within 5 working days, she had received her first prototypes.

Satisfied with the quality of the prototypes, Priyashi directed her team of designers to make a few changes in certain designs. She placed an order for a small batch of products based on the improved designs. The small batch of products was used to launch her brand, Per Te Jewels.

How does the Precious Online Factory work?

Log on to precious.imaginarium.io and register/log in, then follow these four simple steps:

  1. Upload a CAD design

Upload your 3D cad models to the online portal in an acceptable file format (.obj, .step, .3ds, .stl, and many more)
The design is loaded onto an interface that allows you to zoom, pan, and rotate in all three dimensions. Visualise your designs as they are rendered into the final product.

  1. Select materials and other options

Tap into the power of true material customisation. Choose from a range of precious metals and castable resins to select a material that best fits your specifications.
Whether it’s castable moulds or freshly cast jewellery or a finished product, the portal offers one of the largest collections of materials and post processes for all kinds of products. Stone setting in prong, shared prong, pavé, micropavé, channel, flush, and bezel settings are also available, allowing you to explore every design, be it simple or complex.

  1. Select Quantity

Once you’ve customised your order to your liking, it’s time to choose the numbers. No matter if you’re a designer looking for a single sample to test your design or a manufacturer who needs a bulk shipment, our flexible production facility scales as you grow, without compromising on quality and cost.

  1. Confirm Order

With instant quotations, dynamic pricing, and online payment options, the countdown to your shipment delivery begins as soon as you confirm your order. Live track the status from your dashboard and call us for any queries.

Why choose Imaginarium?

We are strong upholders of design secrecy and offer NDAs to make sure that your designs are owned only by you. In the past 15 years, we’ve brought over 100,000 parts to life.

“In my search for manufacturers, I came across multiple companies that had a minimum order quantity. Imaginarium’s Precious Online Factory had no minimum order quantity, gave me multiple options while choosing metals and finishes, and even considered the minutest details of my design. The precision and quality are unmatched and I’ve found a reliable manufacturing partner.”

Priyashi Mehta, Founder – Per Te Jewels.

Design, customise, produce and deliver your ideas with the precious online factory. Log on to precious.imaginarium.io or reach out to our team at hello@imaginarium.io and we will be happy to help you!

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