January 6

Our 2019 Interns

2019 has been a great year for our interns – full of learning, new experiences, and growth. These students were always ready to push boundaries when it came to the execution of their ideas leading to some interesting designs and experiments.


In his final year in a PGDM in Additive Manufacturing, Rohan joined the Special Projects team as an additive manufacturing intern. He worked on metallization of 3D printed plastic parts, building a paste extruder, and casting silicone in silicone moulds. He tried Electroless Plating, Vacuum Metallization, and Conductive Paint in a bid to “plate” parts made of Nylon PA 12 and Accura 25. To build a paste extruder, he converted a Prusa Clone by tweaking the software along with a few hardware changes to a clay printer. It operated on a fully mechanical plunger based system.

On his experience at Imaginarium, “I consider myself to be really fortunate to have gotten a chance to work at Imaginarium. I was excited to learn about all the different 3D printing applications that were available under one roof. I even learnt how to play table tennis and pool in my downtime.

I received a lot of support from my mentors during my time there, and nobody made me feel like I was just an intern but part of the team. It truly felt like I was a part of the Imaginarium community.”





A third-year student pursuing a Bachelors in Mechatronics, Jash worked closely with Rohan – as a part of the Special Projects team – on building a paste extruder. He helped build the mechanical plunger system and worked on various compositions of clay that would ensure smooth extrusion of the material.

On his time at Imaginarium, “The environment at Imaginarium wasn’t just all work and no play, which helped create a more focused work environment – something I wasn’t expecting. Taking time off to play table tennis and pool, helped me freshen up from whatever I was working on. The co-worker interaction and people I worked with helped me feel like I was a part of the company and not an outsider.

I was lucky to be guided by Tanmay and Nikhil, who were very supportive of my endeavours. They never made me feel like an intern, but as a friend, and were ready to help me and guide me whenever I asked.”





A final year design student, Divya completed her graduation project with Imaginarium. She chose to design a few 3D printed lamps that could provide multiple functions. By combining industrial design, AI, and UX design, she brought the project together and conceived the “Obj-et Lamps.”A service where the user receives a tailor-made lamp containing multiple modules that simply attach onto the base of the lamp, combining lamps and desk accessories. The personalized experience starts off by answering a few questions, and the user would be presented with a curated list of lamps and modules based that would suit them and their lives the most.

On her time at Imaginarium, “Imaginarium gave me the freedom to ideate, debate, and get constant feedback on my thoughts and ideas for my grad project. Everyone at Imaginarium was incredibly warm and my seniors were always there for me whenever I need a critique on my project. It was beneficial to get feedback from people who were experts in the field. Tanmay helped me work out the business strategies that I wanted to create around my product, while Devesh helped me with the design and technical aspects of my project. Overall, it was their constant intensive feedback that shaped this project to become a success.”



Shikha joined us as a jewellery design intern while she was completing her bachelor’s degree in Jewellery Design. She worked closely with the jewellery designers at Imaginarium Precious to develop a statement piece for IIJS – a butterfly hairpin cast in resin and brass that required hours of research and development to bring to life. The butterfly’s metal frame could not be cast in one piece, as the carved resin had to be set within it. The resin also had to achieve the exact colour density and clarity as to the original design without forming bubbles. She designed the metal frame in multiple pieces that had to be soldered together and cast the resin over twenty times before achieving the exact colour and clarity.

On her experience at Imaginarium, “It was a great opportunity for me to take advantage of in-house production and see all the prototypes and different methods I had to try and work with to achieve my final product. I was always filled in on the ins-and-outs of each project and was encouraged to always ask questions. Although I was just an intern, I felt like I was a part of the team, as people were always there to guide me in the design process, in using different software, and of course the final stage.”


We’re always looking for big thinkers and go-getters as our interns. If you think that’s you, send us your application on careers@imaginarium.io

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