October 13

5 Brands Reinventing Jewellery With 3D Printing

Take a good look at this list of online jewellery brands that are stepping their game up with cutting edge technology.

3D printing has been the secret ingredient of jewellery makers  for decades by now. A new generation of sellers is taking full advantage of 3D printing by, as the term goes, ‘designing for 3D printing.’

The result is a huge upshoot in design variety, the ability to quickly  translate in-the-moment ‘insta-famous’ trends to a range of products, and a whole lot of good looking and modern jewellery.

Pipa + Belle

Founded on the belief that millennials today want to look beyond the conventional gold and diamond jewellery, Pipa + Belle targets urban Indian women between the age of 25 and 35 with contemporary jewellery offerings, which aim to break away from Indian Styles. Their modus operandi is based on a focus to introduce new trends to the consumer in a time frame as little as three weeks. A huge chunk of their sales is customized jewellery, brought to life with 3D printing.  It lets a buyers choose materials, stones and even add personalized text to a set of existing designs. They even have an entire range of 3D printed designs that showcase the beauty of the technology!



This techno-jewellery start up grabbed a lot of eyeballs when it received $5 million in a round of seed funding. Melorra aims to revitalize the jewellery market with fresh and contemporary designs that people would enjoy wearing. All of their jewellery is 3D printed, as it’s far more cost-effective and enables them to make custom jewellery for even a single shopper.  One look at their offerings, and it’s clear to see why they swear by 3D printing. The designs they offer are vibrant and vivacious, oozing with modern and even futuristic aesthetics. Melorra is constantly breaking barriers and embracing emerging trends, in sync with the ideologies of the millennials that it targets.‍



Designer Zohara Moorthy has for long been enamored by 3D printing and the things it can do with jewellery. So when she started her own label under the name of Mizaroh, it was to celebrate the concept of 3D printed jewellery and promote it for the masses.Mizaroh’s offerings are largely inspired by Indian architectural motifs accentuated with modern silhouettes and angle. Every piece is created in brass, gold plated with 22k gold and goes through extensive enamelling. The designs were conceptualized to appeal to urban women of all ages, and are versatile enough to be worn any time of the day, whether at home, work or a special occasion.

Precious Upload & Print

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 7.23.38 PM.png

While most online jewellery brands let you customize an existing set of designs with 3D printing, Precious’ Upload & Print takes things a notch higher by allowing to upload your own designs and customize it in real time!An initiative by Imaginarium India, Upload & Print is a step forward in digitizing the entire jewellery sector. For designers, it’s the perfect playground to test the waters by printing pieces of their latest designs while having complete control over the material, finish and quantity.  It not only targets end consumers looking to translate designs into metal, but also caters to retailers and even manufacturers with a high capacity, state of art production facility and a powerful backend.



Founded by Radhika and Gauri Tandon, Isharya does a fine job of marrying jewellery with technology with traditional Indian Culture. It’s Infinite Petals collection is a showcase of how designs with an incredible amount of detailing and emanating fine craftsmanship can be produced by 3D printers. It’s one of the few 3D printed jewellery brands that has a high profile presence among retailers globally, including Harvey Nichols in London, Bloomingdale’s in New York, and Ensemble and Aza in Mumbai.

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