March 19

Electrical Equipment – Manufacturing with Expertise



For heavy electrical equipments like transformers and turbines, the client needed to manufacture two contact supports for the electrical circuit breaker. Imaginarium Rapid committed to deliver the parts under tight timelines.


Imaginarium Rapid soft tooled both the parts in Nylon 40% Glass Filled using injection molding, in under a record of 28 days. The mould, when completed, was loaded onto a machine 550 tons in capacity. The parts were as big as 570mm in size and  complex with numerous ribs, splits and metal inserts spread throughout, weighing close to 1.8 kgs.

Owing to the high dimensional accuracy required for the components, the features were achieved through the processes of EDM and wire cuts. A huge challenge was to maintain the deviation of flatness over the entire length, to under 2 to 3mm.


Imaginarium Rapid exceeded expectations when it managed to keep the deviation of flatness to under 0.5mm. A mold as heavy as this is extremely difficult to use for parts built in Nylon 40% Glass Filled, Imaginarium Rapid was able to successfully produced 300 injection molded parts delivered to the client under designated timelines.

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