November 15

Mandibular Implant – Repairing with ease


In collaboration with Doctors from Fortis Hirananadani hospital, Navi Mumbai, Imaginarium was approached to help reconstruct a fragmented mandible. The patient, a 43 year old, suffered from oral cancer due to tobacco addiction. Two years back a Mandibulectomy was performed on the patient to cure him of the ailment. Although the surgery was successful, it came at a cost- disfiguration of the face due to loss of affected jaw area making it difficult for him to chew, pronounce clearly or smile.


A 43 year old tobacco addict had succumbed to oral cancer which led to a removal of his mandible. the cancer was cured but his face was disfigured, so much so that even a smile came at a great cost of pain. Traditionally, two surgeries are required to repair this. A small section of the Fibula, a non weight bearing bone, is first removed and then is used as an implant for the missing mandibular region using titanium plates. Since the existing disfiguration was extreme, surgical planning required detailed planning. Imaginarium set about recreating the existing condition to help the patient.


Because the mandibular region needs an extraordinary amount of flexibility, an accurate model was first created to study the existing condition. Once printed we used it to analyse the missing segment and plan the bridging. After various design iterations, we came up with the perfect fit that unified the fragmented part that would retain a considerable amount of flexibility. As soon as the doctors gave their go-ahead we printed it in Titanium with proper inspection using the Blue light industrial scanner at our facility. The implant was provided with 3 stubs that would fix the prosthetic device easily and securely to the face. This innovative thinking reduced the surgery duration considerably.

Technology used

  • CBCT DICOM data for accuracy, 3D CAD modeling
  • Model made in PA 12 using SLS. Implant made in Titanium using Metal Sintering
  • Steinbichler’s COMET L3D industrial scanner for inspection

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