November 18

Vacuum casting helps a major OEM develop a speedometer prototype


Imaginarium Rapid helped a large OEM develop a prototype for a speedometer for the Auto Expo Show in 2019.

The Challenge: To develop a prototype for a speedometer.

Technology used: SLA + Vacuum Casting

Materials: ABS, ABS-HT

Duration: 20 Days

A new product to showcase

A major OEM in automotive components, exterior lighting systems, body and chassis parts wanted to develop a number of components for the Auto Expo Show. It is Asia’s largest motor show, displaying the latest technology in components and automobile products featuring many launches and technology showcases.

In preparation for the Auto Expo Show, the OEM developed a number of components and Imaginarium Rapid worked with them to develop a speedometer prototype that would not only be visually appealing but functional in nature – just like the end product.

Developing the prototype

The working speedometer prototype would be used with the full circuit that contributes to the running of the vehicle. The prototype was split into four parts: a top cover, reflector, bezel, and bottom housing with bolt thread inserts.

Vacuum Casting was selected as the process to make these prototypes, which would be functional as well as aesthetically appealing.

The master for the Top Cover with the lens was CNC machined to get the Polish right while masters for all other parts were done via SLA 3D Printing.

The top cover was vacuum cast in clear PC  and a lens was glued onto it to make it a cohesive piece. The bezel was cast in propylene, and housed a reflector, that was made inhouse, and an electronic PCB (printed circuit board) topped with the LCD display supplied by the OEM. The bottom housing was vacuum cast in black ABS-HT. The components were assembled and given a matte finish before being delivered to them.

The speedometer prototype

The speedometer prototype‍

Prototypes like these mimic the properties of production-grade material allowing a company to check the form, fit, function, and to perform multiple field tests to design the appropriate end-use product.

The response

The prototype was on display at the Auto Expo Show in 2019 and garnered a lot of attention for the OEM.

To prototype your product, get in touch with Imaginarium Rapid – or log on to the Rapid Online Factory to start your project today!

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