March 26

Imaginarium against COVID-19


Imaginarium has joined the fight against the novel coronavirus by supporting the medical fraternity by manufacturing any components or devices in short supply.

A global pandemic.

The world is in an unprecedented lockdown due to COVID-19, a global pandemic that has registered hundreds of thousands of cases across the globe and are only on the rise. While our superhuman medical fraternity is putting in their soul to provide care and front the battle, there is a massive demand for support material in terms of safety equipment, medical devices and other accessories that are running in short supply globally. Imaginarium has pledged to contribute to this cause in every way possible.

Our people and machinery are capable of 3D Printing products in biocompatible Nylon PA12 material and have been deployed during this time to serve groups that are working on innovative solutions to fight this battle. We are manufacturing any components that might be needed by any doctors or hospitals. Thousands of designers and engineers have been approached to create Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), overalls, and ventilators.

How are we helping?

Identifying what the current need is and what designs have been approved has been based on guidance from doctors and the government. Additive manufacturing allows us to manufacture parts in record spans of time, and we’re leveraging this speed to create face shields (based on the current demand) along with a few collaborators.

Face shields are personal protective equipment devices that are used for protection of the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids. The open-source design for face shields is similar to the ones currently in use by hospitals. The face shields consist of three parts; a clear shield, a flexible headband, and a brow foam.

Ventilators are required in the ICU to support patients who have difficulty breathing on their own, and one ventilator supports one person. We have seen that this virus puts a lot of strain on the current medical set up, and with the use of a splitter, a ventilator’s capacity can be extended – we have observed the use of 3D printed ventilator splitters in Italy and the USA. Using open-sourced designs for splitters, we have printed 5 different versions for hospitals to test and validate so that we can scale productions accordingly.

We are taking numerous safety measures to keep our team at the manufacturing facility safe by sanitizing the facility, checking their body temperature, providing them with masks, and ensuring they reach the facility safely during the lockdown in cooperation with local police. In a time like this, we believe it is our duty to join the fight against this pandemic and we’re urging other makers to come forward and support the medical fraternity that is battling the virus.

If you or your organization require any safety equipment, medical devices and components, or any other accessories needed to beat this pandemic, write to us on or log on to

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