August 31

Imaginarium At Story Of Makers – Spreading The Magic Of 3D Printing


The first edition of Story Of Makers was all about coming together of creation, innovation and ideation. As wizards of 3D printing, Imaginarium was on the scene to fuel this incredible movement.

The Story Of Makers is a story of constant innovation, fuelled by creative imagination. A movement spread across the entire nation, to bring together under a single roof a thriving community of makers, designers, tinkerers, coders, educators and tech enthusiasts from all walks of life. To  provide them with the right platform and the right audience for their designs to take flight.

It is a story that begins with an idea, and ends with real world problem solving and value addition. And naturally, we were thrilled to have an opportunity to disseminate our knowledge in 3DP technology, to nurture the movement with our expertise.The Expo, spread across 25th and 26th March, was held at Shree Hirji Bhojraj & Sons KVO Jain Chhatralaya, Mumbai. With over 150 Makers, 5 Workshops and 7 Speakers taking the stage, a total of a 30,000 attendees interacted with the community and exchanged ideas on technology. Certainly no mean feat and definitely an incredible experience!

Day 1 – 25th March

Right from the very beginning, Imaginarium was an instant crowd puller. Being the exciting, bleeding edge technology that it is, 3D printing took no time in capturing the crowd’s imagination. Day 1 saw curious attendees lining up to watch our 3D printer in action, throwing all sorts of questions at us to satiate their thirst for information. And we were more than happy to showcase the technology, its capabilities and educate people about the intricacies of 3D printing. We were present there as representatives of Metamorphosis after all, the propagators of change.

A lot of attendees were pleasantly surprised to find out that the parts and models we had up for display were printed as a single piece from 3D printers, and not cut or carved out. They also saw the potential application of the technology in their existing businesses, and enquired about how it could potentially save them valuable time and expenses, while getting things done exactly as per specifications.

And not just science students or tech entrepreneurs, we had the full attention of a quite a few enthusiastic tiny tots, as young as the age of 6. Their virginal, curious minds couldn’t wait to understand how objects appear out of nowhere in a matter of minutes as they watched our printer work its magic. It was our turn to be pleasantly surprised. Answer all their unending questions, we did!‍

Day 2 – 26th March

As anticipated, the turnout was even larger on the second day of the expo. But that in no way deterred us from handling the crowd and taking as many questions as possible. To watch a person’s jaw drop in awe when told that the technology allows us to print entire buildings in no time is priceless, and is what kept us going at the top of our game throughout the day and spreading the word about 3DP!

Along the lines of our mission at Metamorphosis, Imaginarium was roped in to organize a workshop for Hands On Learning of 3D printing. It was preceded by a talk on the technology and its amazing applications by our very own Tanmay Shah, Head of Innovations. He took the stage to a full house and shared with them his vision of a world taken by storm by 3D printing, the next industrial revolution.

Expressions of amazement was commonplace in the auditorium as they learnt about the live applications of 3DP, in tune with the projects underway at Imaginarium. As varied as 3D modelling a fractured skull and printing implants to be placed with absolute precision, to recreating nostalgia for a state tourism ad. The stage was then home to co-presenters and our in-house makers Shyam Vora and Amogh Patkar asthey demonstrated the process of 3D printing, end to end, complete with printing a part in real time for the audience.

The sheer amount of learning that happened over these two exciting days was quite tangible in the air. For us and for everyone else.

If you’d like to know more about 3D printing,  Imaginarium Metamorphosis or to have us organize a workshop on 3D printing for you, drop us a mail at and we’ll be in touch with you in no time. Cheers!

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