August 13

Introducing the new Rapidshape S30 SPEED in association with Noktamodel


Noktamodel has teamed up with Rapidshape to bring a new printer, the Rapidshape S30 SPEED to the market. The new printer allows access to thousands of 3D models of jewellery.

Old players and a new collaboration.

Noktamodel supplies jewellers and designers with ready to cast resin pieces of the highest quality. Their wide variety of injection wax models have been designed and engineered specifically for everyone to find something amongst their requirements. Their team of designers and 3D modellers create exclusive designs that are complex along with photo-realistic drawings, making it easier for the consumer to take their pick.

Rapidshape is a world leader in DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology and in rapid prototyping and manufacturing. Rapidshape makes some of the fastest 3D printers in the world that are known for their surface finish and high accuracy. These printers are used by jewellery manufacturers around the globe to drive high-quality output in a record span of time.

In collaboration with Noktamodel, Rapidshape has launched the new S30 SPEED, a CAD-CAM (additive manufacturing) system which generates precise 3D printed parts such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and many more jewellery items for direct casting, or general-purpose use. The very compact printer is made for professional use in casting shops, design bureaus and jewellery companies. The S30 SPEED was optimised for printing filigree casting-ready resin pieces of the highest quality. The integrated connection to the Noktamodel database allows the direct printing of these designs by using a perfect validated and certified workflow.

A filigree ring, designed by Noktamodel and printed
through the S30 Speed. Cast in silver.

Changing the game.

The S30 Speed provides direct access to thousands of 3D jewellery models along with photorealistic renders through the Noktamodel database, eliminating the need to download the models. With the integration of the Noktamodel database, one no longer needs to wait for long periods of time to receive their models but can directly print the desired model in-house –  saving time and shipping costs. The worry of shipping fragile pieces will be forgotten, as one can print the most complex and delicate designs in the safety of their own workshop.

Earrings, designed by Noktamodel and printed through
the S30 SPEED. Cast in silver.

The Rapidshape S30 SPEED provides direct printing of castable parts and defined processes for embedding and burnout with high wax content for resin. It features a Resin Handling System (RSH) that allows precise non-stop-work based on direct resin temperature regulation. The S30 SPEED has an ultra-compact design, is easy to clean, and is devoted to achieving the fastest print speeds.

The reliable workhorse.

The S30 SPEED is made in Germany and is reliable, sturdy and of high quality. Being one of the fastest printers worldwide, the S30 SPEED enables manufacturers to shorten production time dramatically. This printer enables access to personal support and training from the Rapidshape service team.

Imaginarium is an authorised reseller of the Rapidshape S30 SPEED (a Noktamodel product). Buyers will be granted access to the Noktamodel database that is home to over thousands of designs.

A bracelet, designed by Noktamodel and printed through the S30 Speed.
Cast in silver.

If you think that the Rapidshape S30 SPEED may be a game-changer for your business or for more information, get in touch with our experts on or call Keya on +91 9819245871

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