August 28

Journey of a Sketch to Customized Jewelry


7-year-old Anay’s drawing was converted into a wearable pendant for his mother’s birthday with the help of Imaginarium Precious. A simple sketch was transformed into wearable jewelry, a gift that Anay’s mother now holds very close to her heart.

The most thoughtful gifts are highly personal. They are unique. They are given and received by two people who love each other dearly.

Today, we’d like to share the story of one such gift—a simple butterfly pendant that seven-year-old Anay designed, developed, and gave to his mother. It was a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that he designed just for her. And it was made possible by Imaginarium.

Here is Anay’s story.

It All Started with a Simple Sketch

At first, Anay wasn’t thinking about anything fancy like custom 3D-printed jewellery.

He was just thinking about his mother, and her upcoming birthday, and how he wanted to make her smile. So he sat down with hisart supplies and began to make her a card. He picked out her favourite colour of paper, he folded it with care, and he wrote a beautiful message inside, telling her how much he loved her.

He closed the card, he looked at the card’s blank front cover, and he decided to add a final creative touch. Like many seven-year-olds, he loved to sketch and doodle, so he picked up his crayons and let his imagination run free.

Anay drew a big, beautiful, golden butterfly on the face of his card.

When he finished, he picked it up and ran, excited, to his father. He showed his father the card, and they both agreed his mother would love it.

But, as Anay’s father looked at the card, he began to develop an even bigger idea.

You see, Anay’s father was an engineer, and his son’s drawing reminded him of the designs he had just brought to life for his employer using 3D Printing. He looked closer at his son’s butterfly drawing, he thought deeply for a moment longer, and then asked his son…

‘What if we could make your butterfly into a piece of jewellery for your mother? Do you think she would like that?”

A big smile creptacross Anay’s face and he nodded “Yes!Yes!Yes!”.‍

Bringing Anay’s Drawing to Life

Anay’s father reached out to the 3D printing company he had just worked with— Imaginarium.

He knew that Imaginarium could produce a stunning piece of high-end 3D printed custom jewellery. But he also knew that they primarily worked with the world’s largest fashion lines, and he did not know if they would handle such a small, personal project.

He crossed his fingers, and messaged his contact at the company, and asked them if they could transform his son’s artwork into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery… a gold butterfly pendant that looked exactly like his son’s drawing.

Imaginarium loved his story, they loved his idea, and they loved his son’s drawing. They told him they had assembled a small Special Projects team for situations just like this, and that it was their pleasure to be able to give individuals like him the same creativity, care, and qualitythey offered the big players.

With that, Imaginarium’s Special Projects team took Anay’s drawing, and walked his father through the same steps they followed for their biggest clients:

  1. They defined the custom size and placement to perfectly fit Anay’s mother’s neck.
  2. They converted Anay’s paper drawing into a 3D CAD drawing to make sure they captured every unique line of the drawing in the final piece.
  3. They worked through prototypes and rounds of approval with Anay’s father to make sure the pendant’s bespoke casting looked just like his son’s drawing.
  4. They cast the pendant in 18k gold, which they finished, plated, and polished, to transform Anay’s drawing into a truly high-end piece of jewellery.
  5. Finally, they took one extra step—they cold enamelled and dried the pendant to ensure its colours perfectly matched the colours Anay originally selected for the butterfly drawing on his mother’s birthday card.

In the end, Imaginarium’s Special Projects team proudly gave Anay’s father a stunning gold pendant, designed for Anay’s mother’s unique dimensions, that perfectly matched Anay’s original sketch.

Now, only one step remained… giving Anay’s mother her gift.

The Moment You Never Forget

She cried, of course.

To be clear, she first began to cry when she received Anay’s lovingly hand-made card and saw the beautiful butterfly drawing on its cover.

But the tears really began to flow as soon as she unwrapped her second gift and saw her son’s drawing brought to life in a timeless piece of jewellery that was hers and hers alone.

The next morning, Anay was thrilled to see his mother wearing her butterfly pendant that he had designed… and you better believe he bragged to his friends about the incredible gift he was able to give to her!

Now, It’s Time for Your Unforgettable Moment

Take Anay’s story to heart.

Anyone can create a thoughtful, precious, truly one-of-a-kind moment for the people they care most about.

All they need is a little love, a little creativity,and the right partner.

So… are you ready to convert your creativity into a beautiful piece for the people you love?

If so, reach out to the Imaginarium team at

We are standing by, ready to produce jewellery,accessories, gifts, or anything else you can desire, from any design you can dream up.

All it takes is one call to create your own unforgettable moment.

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