November 19

Fast Track On-Demand Manufacturing with Imaginarium’s Smart Quoting and Manufacturing Platform

Being India's largest Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing Center, we recently announced our Smart Quoting and Manufacturing Platform. Our new modern platform is a user-friendly interface that connects customers online and produces custom parts faster, better and cheaper.

The Smart Quoting and Manufacturing Platform provides customers with a chance to order 3D prints instantly. Customers enjoy a state-of-the-art experience allowing them to upload their CAD design files to get instant quotes, select from a wide range of materials and finishes. They can then choose the desired quantity, opt for post-processing techniques like painting, coating, epoxy and more and place online 3D Printing service orders from wherever they want. The Smart Quoting and Manufacturing Platform is a one-stop online solution for customers looking to scale their 3D Printing fast. It is also perfect for spare part management. Manufacturers can then plan to have an online inventory and only manufacture parts on-demand instead of physically stocking up their inventory saving space and money. Whether you need a single part or thousands, our online 3D printing and prototype service provides you with the best quality prints. 

Experts from Imaginarium understand that with digital files, there can be room for many errors. Therefore, the online platform uses data science to analyze the geometry of the files uploaded and provide instant feedback on the manufacturing feasibility. The customer can then ensure the wall thickness, the holes, traps, radii, reclamping and unreachable pockets and view the best practice to fix errors or issues and then choose the materials and the quantity. In addition, the Smart Quoting and Manufacturing Platform would display a built-in 3D preview with rotation, zooming, and the ability to change orientation. This would highlight any issues with the 3D model in real-time, giving the customer a chance to rectify the problem before placing the final order. The platform accepts a variety of files, provides CAD file/ STL viewer, gives the customers the option of bulk upload, complete IP protection, customer support, and live updation and order tracking of their orders.

Imaginarium's Smart Quoting and Manufacturing Platform is all about providing the best on-demanding manufacturing service with speed and economical cost. Have you tried producing accurate parts through the new Smart Quoting and Manufacturing Platform or looking forward to trying it? Click here

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